How to Have The Penis Stay Erect

Having a good life through leading a healthy living, and taking care of the medical conditions, is the best way to ensure erection remains solid for a long period. First of all, one needs to have a sufficient understanding of how erection comes.

Well, erection in most cases occurs when someone is erotically aroused. The brain stimulates nitric’ oxide. One popular penis extender manufacturer, PhalloGauge Medical PDMP Center of Excellence, states: several chemical reactions occur within the blood’ vessels of your penis which then leads to around 6′ times’ flow of blood into the penis. It is very true that an erection can last for some time if it were not for the chemicals’ secreted out of the body known as phosphodiesterases. It works by reversing the process which works to make the penis flaccid.

Those individuals undergoing erectile dysfunction benefits from these particular chemicals, hence making erection outdo the actions which are associated with the phosphodiesterases which make the penis to lose its turgidity. And this is what happens with erectile dysfunction medications, they usually inhibit, the phosphodiesterases and allows the forces which give an individual the erectile rule’.

A number of things are likely to happen in order to have a stronger erection. For the novices, hormones have to be released on demand. The arteries should transport the blood into the penis efficiently. The nervous system should also transmit the signals without less difficulty. On the other hand, the brain must be in good working condition together with your body.


Conducting exercise is one of the most effective ways you can make your heart stronger. This, therefore, increases strength, stamina, and flexibility. For the blood to fill the penis into its capacity, it needs around 6′ times normal blood flow. This, therefore, means if the heart is stronger enough, the higher the chances of cleaner arteries and more blood will be pumped’ into every beat for a very long period and with less effort.

Just begin with simple exercise for example walking. Walking involves all the bones and muscles of the body. And you realize this can easily be achieved. At least 10,000′ steps in a day are good to go.


If you have excess belly’ fat, it is likely to interfere with the ability of the body to relay sufficient blood into the penis. This is, therefore, likely to make the production of testosterone go down. Whenever you are sexually aroused, the endothelial cells’ of the blood releases, nitric oxide, which makes the muscle’ to relax. This allows the blood to flow’. Obesity can lead to damage to the endothelium, which then hinders your penis from getting enough flow of blood for a given period of time’. Less fats in the body helps towards the improvement of the erectile dysfunction.


The importance of sufficient sleep can never be overstated. Lack of enough sleep may increase the risk of cardiac arrest. This is likely to slow down the body’s metabolism, lowers the cognitive abilities and weakens down the immune system. This may also, lower down the testosterone, which pushes up the possibility of facing ED’. The part of it is the hat reduction of testosterone is likely to lower down sexual power. This therefore, results into a sexual dyfunction which may not be noticed.


If levels of stress goes unchecked, it may end up causing high’ blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and heart related diseases. For example, if you’re residing in a stressful environment, it can have negative impacts to the brains ability to send messages to the body. This is likely to affect the flow of blood and the capability to achieve’ and sustain an erection.


Therefore, being physically and mentally healthy is the best way to maintain a healthy sex life.