Cluster set at subtree whose root is Felis (rel. 194)

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Cluster IDParent clusterTaxIDsGIsGeneraLminLmaxMAD1Defline of longest sequenceTree2
006101326614 0.672Felis nigripes 16S ribosomal RNA gene, mitochondrial gene for mitochondrial RNA, partial sequence.
1118661318318 1.000Felis nigripes NADH dehydrogenase subunit 5 gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.
21691496885 0.928Felis nigripes TTR gene, partial sequence.
323121555558 0.999Felis silvestris isolate FCSi09-6 BaEV endogenous retrovirus pol and env genes, partial sequence.
43551187188 0.999Felis margarita SINE element in Zfy gene, complete sequence.
5436111781181 0.999Felis chaus strain fchx zinc finger protein Zfx (Zfx) gene, partial cds.
65111588588 1.000Felis silvestris CRX protein mRNA, partial cds.
763171355355 1.000Felis silvestris mitochondrial COII gene (partial), atpase8 gene, atpase6 gene (partial) and tRNA-Lys gene, isolate 66.
8742081328546 0.833Felis silvestris partial mitochondrial control region, isolate 3.
98391226428 0.876Felis silvestris partial mitochondrial gene for cytochrome b, isolate 2.
10922110381044 0.997Felis silvestris specimen-voucher SDZ-32188 NADH dehydrogenase subunit 2 (ND2) gene, complete cds; mitochondrial gene for mitochondrial product.
111045110321274 0.867Felis bieti interphotoreceptor retinoid-binding protein (irbp) gene, partial cds.
121121219071140 0.983Felis silvestris isolate Fs5m0402 cytochrome b (cytb) gene, complete cds; mitochondrial.
13122121301301 1.000Felis silvestris haplotype H3 mitochondrion control region, partial sequence.
141377110712567 0.558Felis libyca Smcy gene, intron 4, complete sequence.
1514771953962 0.998Felis nigripes Ube1y gene, exon 18 and partial cds.
1615771961969 0.998Felis silvestris Zfy gene, intron.
1716111431431 1.000Felis silvestris thyroxine-binding globulin (TBG) gene, partial sequence.
1817781639641 0.998Felis chaus APP gene, partial sequence.
1918781322326 0.999Felis nigripes CHRNA1 gene, partial sequence.
201977113691369 1.000Felis margarita CLU gene, partial sequence.
2120661518518 1.000Felis chaus CMA1 gene, partial sequence.
2221771705706 1.000Felis margarita DGKG2 gene, partial sequence.
2322771412413 0.999Felis libyca FES gene, partial sequence.
2423771441442 0.998Felis libyca GATA3 gene, partial sequence.
2524771665670 0.999Felis margarita GHR (GHR) gene, partial cds.
2625771622622 1.000Felis margarita GNAZ (GNAZ) gene, partial cds.
2726771349349 1.000Felis margarita HK1 gene, partial sequence.
2827771294296 0.994Felis nigripes NCL (NCL) gene, partial cds.
2928771290290 1.000Felis margarita PNOC (PNOC) gene, partial cds.
3029791444777 0.648Felis libyca RAG2 (RAG2) gene, partial cds.
3130771551552 0.998Felis nigripes RSA2 gene, partial sequence.
3231771371371 1.000Felis nigripes SIL gene, partial sequence.
3332661590595 0.998Felis bieti TCP1 (TCP1) gene, partial cds.
3433771513513 1.000Felis chaus ALAS gene, partial sequence.
3534771670670 1.000Felis chaus ATP-7A (ATP7A) gene, partial cds.
3635771318318 1.000Felis chaus IL2RG (IL2RG) gene, partial cds.
3736771899899 1.000Felis libyca PLP gene, partial sequence.
3837771840847 0.996Felis chaus isolate Fch ZFX gene, intron.
393878118952743 0.954Felis chaus sex-determining region Y protein (SRY) gene, complete cds.
40392315621033 0.848Felis silvestris voucher UAM:Mamm:50375 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence; mitochondrial.
41406164118402604 0.980Felis silvestris caffra isolate Fli2A NADH dehydrogenase subunit 5 (ND5) gene, partial cds; NADH dehydrogenase subunit 6 (ND6) gene, complete cds; tRNA-Gln gene, complete sequence; and cytochrome b (cytB) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.
424111111401140 1.000Felis silvestris isolate N51 cytochrome b (cytb) gene, complete cds; mitochondrial.
4342221266269 0.994Felis silvestris bieti microsatellite FBI-5 sequence.
44433711237238 1.000Felis silvestris bieti MHC class II antigen (Febi-DRB) gene, Febi-DRB*502 allele, exon 2 and partial cds.
454462651376768 0.743Felis chaus endogenous feline leukemia virus clone Fch1139 3' LTR, partial sequence.
4645141127127 1.000Felis silvestris haplotype SNG-HP-FS16 control region, partial sequence; mitochondrial.
4746111720720 1.000Cat c-myc gene, complete cds.
48472219011326 0.840Cat c-myc gene, complete cds.
494811112601260 1.000Cat c-myc gene, complete cds.
5049111633633 1.000Felis silvestris aminopeptidase N gene, partial cds.
515022111251752 0.821Cat c-sis oncogene (platelet-derived growth factor) 5' region.
525111134253425 1.000Feline mRNA for c-sis proto-oncogene for PDGF beta PDGF = platelet-derived growth factor.
5352111457457 1.000Feline mRNA for preprogastrin.
545322157327157 0.900Cat ECE1 endogenous retroviral element DNA, partial.
555411135343534 1.000Cat MHC class I protein (FLA-A-psi) pseudogene, 3' end.
5661661674674 1.000Felis margarita GNB1 gene, partial sequence.
57119111133133 1.000Felis chaus isolate WII/WFC/R-299 cytochrome b gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.
58114111739739 1.000Felis chaus internal transcribed spacer 1, partial sequence; 5.8S ribosomal RNA gene, complete sequence; and internal transcribed spacer 2, partial sequence.
591181551547547 1.000Felis chaus isolate JCMyso NADH dehydrogenase subunit 5 (ND5) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.
601151551141141 1.000Felis chaus isolate JCNSC8 cytochrome b (cytb) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.
61120221538579 0.965Felis chaus VEGF165 isoform-like mRNA, partial sequence.
6210722123102310 1.000Felis chaus transferrin receptor protein 1 (TFRC) mRNA, complete cds.
631214191401429 0.941Felis chaus haplotype FCh control region, partial sequence; mitochondrial.
64122111443443 1.000Felis chaus UCHL-1 mRNA, partial cds.
6589281187187 1.000Felis margarita MHC class I antigen (FLA-Z) gene, FLA-Z*1 allele, exon 2 and partial cds.
6690281218218 1.000Felis margarita MHC class I antigen (FLA-Z) gene, FLA-Z*1 allele, exon 3 and partial cds.
67103111927927 1.000Felis margarita Hox8 early enhancer sequence.
6860331817817 1.000Felis nigripes CALB gene, partial sequence.
698311165796579 1.000Felis nigripes clone FNI1 carboxylesterase 7-like gene, complete sequence.
7019411110511051 1.000Felis sp. NG192 DNA, INT292 locus sequence.
7119511115181518 1.000Felis sp. NG192 DNA, INT1193 locus sequence.
72196111829829 1.000Felis sp. NG192 DNA, INT1095 locus sequence.
73197111820820 1.000Felis sp. NG192 ATP6AP2 gene, INT0964 locus sequence.
7419811111001100 1.000Felis sp. NG192 FLJ21616 gene, INT1067 locus sequence.
75199111631631 1.000Felis sp. NG192 SCUBE3 gene, INT1075 locus sequence.
76200111531531 1.000Felis sp. NG192 MAEL gene, INT1111 locus sequence.
77201111250250 1.000Felis sp. NG192 EPC1 gene, INT1124 locus sequence.
7820211110261026 1.000Felis sp. NG192 COL3A1 gene, INT1167 locus sequence.
7920311112561256 1.000Felis sp. NG192 EPB41L4A gene, INT1189 locus sequence.
80204111416416 1.000Felis sp. NG192 KIF2 gene, INT1068 locus sequence.
8120511110941094 1.000Felis sp. NG192 LTBP1 gene, INT1098 locus sequence.
82206111722722 1.000Felis sp. NG192 DDX42 gene, INT1122 locus sequence.
83207111787787 1.000Felis sp. NG192 WDR44 gene, INT1233 locus sequence.
84208111718718 1.000Felis sp. NG192 NNT gene, INT276 locus sequence.
85209111696696 1.000Felis sp. NG192 ACSL5 gene, INT391 locus sequence.
8657221654654 1.000Felis bieti beta fibrinogen gene, intron 7.
875811113681368 1.000Felis bieti NADH dehydrogenase subunit 4 (NADH4) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.
8856251371373 0.997Felis bieti 12S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence; mitochondrial.
8976271596732 0.919Felis silvestris silvestris voucher PL-IGAB-ZBM94 cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.
90210111221221 1.000Felis silvestris silvestris voucher FSI880 interphotoreceptor retinoid-binding protein (IRBP) gene, exon 1 and partial cds.
9118311114731473 1.000Felis silvestris silvestris thiamine transport protein 1 (SLC19A2) mRNA, complete cds.

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