Cluster set at subtree whose root is Sphinginae (rel. 194)

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Cluster IDParent clusterTaxIDsGIsGeneraLminLmaxMAD1Defline of longest sequenceTree2
00224116138272717 0.898Agrius convolvuli mitochondrial gene for cytochome c oxidase subunit I, partial cds.
1127271521943517 0.823Lapara coniferarum voucher Lcon putative CAD trifunctional protein mRNA, partial cds.
222932145441282 0.883Manduca florestan isolate AToL-Lep-ID JPT-02-1529 dopa decarboxylase (DDC) mRNA, partial cds.
333042117621240 0.854Lapara coniferarum elongation factor-1 alpha mRNA, partial cds.
442527139451062 0.907Sagenosoma elsa voucher Sels period mRNA, partial cds.
55303115400423 0.954Manduca quinquemaculata isolate AToL-Lep-ID DCR-02-1876 wingless (WG) mRNA, partial cds.
200818314871653 0.913Agrius convolvuli cytochrome c oxidase subunit 1 (COX1) mRNA, complete cds; mitochondrial gene for mitochondrial product.
2319184652850 0.901Sphinx ligustri voucher NW141-12 CAD (CAD) gene, partial cds.
42404447501135 0.915Sagenosoma elsa voucher Sels putative enolase protein mRNA, partial cds.

  1 Maximum Alignment Density
   2 Trees are unrooted RAxML trees based on Muscle alignments. Expect performance to deteriorate with low MAD scores, large number of taxa, and high sequence divergence (largely owing to alignment problems). Only trees for (taxon) phylogenetically informative clusters with fewer than 1000 sequences are generated.

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