Cluster set at subtree whose root is Pantherinae (rel. 194)

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Cluster IDParent clusterTaxIDsGIsGeneraLminLmaxMAD1Defline of longest sequenceTree2
0991838321274 0.952Neofelis nebulosa interphotoreceptor retinoid-binding protein (irbp) gene, partial cds.
11034617741095 0.948Panthera leo RAG1 gene, partial cds, isolate: HS1205.
278461933963 0.994Panthera leo APOB gene for apolipoprotein B, partial cds, isolate: HS1205.
310444110431043 1.000Panthera leo brca1 gene for breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility protein 1, partial cds, specimen_voucher: personal:Hitoshi Suzuki:HS1205.
410544111911191 1.000Panthera leo vwf gene for von Willebrand factor, partial cds, specimen_voucher: personal:Hitoshi Suzuki:HS1205.
5212221621621 1.000Panthera leo TAS1R1 gene for taste receptor type 1 member 1, partial cds.
6213111529529 1.000Panthera leo TAS1R1 gene for taste receptor type 1 member 1, partial cds.
721422112651570 0.903Panthera leo TAS1R1 gene for taste receptor type 1 member 1, partial cds.
8010424245532 0.761Pardofelis marmorata voucher Pma4 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence; mitochondrial.
912612284220608 0.680Panthera pardus saxicolor haplotype az2 NADH dehydrogenase subunit 5 (nd5) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.
1019194779885 0.940Pardofelis marmorata TTR gene, partial sequence.
11101627442151760 0.450Panthera leo isolate P88017 from Morocco cytochrome b gene, complete cds; tRNA-Thr and tRNA-Pro genes, complete sequence; and control region, partial sequence; mitochondrial.
124510211781181 0.999Neofelis nebulosa strain nnex zinc finger protein Zfx (Zfx) gene, partial cds.
1339317111712338 0.571Panthera leo isolate KPR98 NADH dehydrogenase subunit 5 (ND5) and NADH dehydrogenase subunit 6 (ND6) genes, complete cds; mitochondrial genes for mitochondrial products.
14881136831044 0.937Panthera tigris altaica clone DBH0902 NADH dehydrogenase subunit 2 (NADH2) gene, complete cds; mitochondrial.
1585342887906 0.991Panthera leo Hox8 early enhancer sequence.
1689462929979 0.987Panthera tigris altaica G protein-coupled receptor 33 (GPR33) gene, GPR33-B allele, partial sequence.
1713774940958 0.997Neofelis nebulosa Ube1y gene, exon 18 and partial cds.
1814884724755 0.970Panthera pardus orientalis Zfy gene, intron sequence, specimen_voucher: PPA68 (National Cancer Center USA stock).
19129134785841 0.960Neofelis nebulosa Smcy gene, intron 4, complete sequence.
20568113654678 0.984Neofelis nebulosa nebulosa isolate 4_NNE beta fibrinogen (FGB) gene, intron 4.
215778313681375 0.996Neofelis nebulosa NADH dehydrogenase subunit 4 (NADH4) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.
22586102567567 1.000Panthera pardus orientalis follicle stimulating hormone receptor (FSHR) mRNA, partial cds.
2390442339358 0.987Panthera leo EPM2B gene repeat region, partial sequence.
2415221429435 0.993Panthera leo thyroxine-binding globulin (TBG) gene, partial sequence.
25183331738738 1.000Panthera leo thiopurine S-methyltransferase mRNA, complete cds.
26215111548548 1.000Panthera leo beta-fibrinogen gene, intron 4.
27178104235332 0.954Panthera leo cholinergic receptor nicotinic alpha polypeptide 1 precursor (CHRNA1) gene, partial cds.
28143111320320 1.000Panthera leo collagen type X alpha 1 (COL10A1) gene, partial cds.
2967231609647 0.970Panthera leo growth hormone receptor (GHR) gene, partial cds.
30144111434434 1.000Panthera leo transducin alpha 1 (GNAT1) gene, partial cds.
31145111683683 1.000Panthera leo Wilms tumor 1 (WT1) gene, partial cds.
32216221608608 1.000Panthera leo sex-determining region Y protein (sry) gene, partial sequence.
3316673638643 0.998Neofelis nebulosa APP gene, partial sequence.
3459774815817 1.000Pardofelis marmorata CALB gene, partial sequence.
351877413681369 1.000Pardofelis marmorata CLU gene, partial sequence.
3619774517518 1.000Pardofelis marmorata CMA1 (CMA1) gene, partial cds.
3720774705708 0.997Pardofelis marmorata DGKG2 gene, partial sequence.
3821774243412 0.941Pardofelis marmorata FES gene, partial sequence.
3922774441457 0.970Pardofelis marmorata GATA3 gene, partial sequence.
4023774669670 1.000Pardofelis marmorata GHR (GHR) gene, partial cds.
4124774622622 1.000Pardofelis marmorata GNAZ (GNAZ) gene, partial cds.
4260774576674 0.979Neofelis nebulosa GNB1 gene, partial sequence.
4325774345349 0.998Pardofelis marmorata HK1 gene, partial sequence.
4426774294296 0.999Neofelis nebulosa NCL (NCL) gene, partial cds.
4527774290290 1.000Neofelis nebulosa PNOC (PNOC) gene, partial cds.
4628784430473 0.989Pardofelis marmorata RAG2 (RAG2) gene, partial cds.
4729774551551 1.000Pardofelis marmorata RSA2 gene, partial sequence.
4830774371371 1.000Pardofelis marmorata SIL gene, partial sequence.
4931774585595 0.994Panthera leo TCP1 (TCP1) gene, partial cds.
5032774508513 0.999Neofelis nebulosa ALAS gene, partial sequence.
5133774670670 1.000Pardofelis marmorata ATP-7A (ATP7A) gene, partial cds.
5234774318318 1.000Pardofelis marmorata IL2RG (IL2RG) gene, partial cds.
5335774766900 0.957Pardofelis marmorata PLP gene, partial sequence.
54368104841845 0.999Neofelis nebulosa isolate Nne27 ZFX gene, intron.
553777426592730 0.988Pardofelis marmorata sex-determining region Y protein (SRY) gene, complete cds.
56147221272272 1.000Panthera leo rhodopsin (RHO1) gene, partial cds.
57958112339948 0.759Neofelis nebulosa prion protein (PRNP) gene, complete cds.
582174432109210 0.816Panthera leo haplotype T control region, partial sequence; mitochondrial.
59611594134187 0.782Pardofelis marmorata voucher Pma5 ATPase 8 (ATP8) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.
60911217695 0.900Panthera leo 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence; mitochondrial.
61218111893893 1.000Panthera leo melanocortin 4 receptor (MC4R) gene, partial cds.
6292552386639 0.702Panthera leo UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1A1 (UGT1A1) gene, exon 1 and partial cds.
6393552749751 0.999Panthera leo UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1A6 (UGT1A6) pseudogene, exon 1.
6464552178179 0.999Panthera leo isolate D28 CD44 gene, exon v3 and partial cds, alternatively spliced.
6541773272287 0.969Panthera tigris amoyensis microsatellite PTA sequence.
6621911110621062 1.000Panthera leo chemokine receptor CXCR4 (CXCR4) mRNA, complete cds.
67220111816816 1.000Panthera leo CD134 (TNFRSF4) mRNA, complete cds.
6822111113221322 1.000Panthera leo haplotype S1 sex-determining region Y protein (SRY) gene, partial cds.
69222131169169 1.000Panthera leo haplotype T3 transferrin (TF) gene, intron 3.
70223151425427 0.999Panthera leo haplotype A4 adenosine deaminase (ADA) gene, exon 10 and partial cds.
7138113115121882 0.984Panthera leo haplotype H1 12S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence; tRNA-Val gene, complete sequence; and 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence; mitochondrial.
72425353237246 0.970Neofelis nebulosa MHC class II antigen (Nene-DRB) gene, Nene-DRB*1 allele, exon 2 and partial cds.
7396452878908 0.983Panthera leo isolate PleoTA4 trace amine-associated receptor 4 (TAAR4) gene, partial cds.
74224111909909 1.000Panthera leo arginine vasopressin receptor 2 (AVPR2) gene, partial cds.
7597121547547 1.000Panthera leo isolate lion 2 interferon-gamma (IFNG) mRNA, complete cds.
76225331360426 0.916Panthera leo beta-actin-like mRNA, partial sequence.
7710126115031506 0.999Panthera tigris altaica isolate PTI_72 cytochrome P450 2D6 (CYP2D6) mRNA, complete cds.
788277464736686 0.991Neofelis nebulosa clone NNE1 carboxylesterase 7-like gene, complete sequence.
79757132644909 0.820Panthera tigris tigris cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COX1) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.
80128331447470 0.981Panthera leo VEGF165 isoform-like mRNA, partial sequence.
81149111597597 1.000Panthera leo peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma coactivator 1 alpha (PPARGC1A) gene, promoter region and partial cds.
8218855214221422 1.000Neofelis nebulosa endogenous virus ERV-Car1 envelope protein syncytin-Car1 gene, complete cds.
83226111936936 1.000Panthera leo signaling lymphocytic activation molecule family member 1 (SLAMF1) mRNA, partial cds.
8412122223102310 1.000Neofelis nebulosa transferrin receptor protein 1 (TFRC) mRNA, complete cds.
85129331443443 1.000Panthera leo ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase L1 mRNA, partial cds.
865594433031025 0.518P.leo mitochondrial 12S rRNA gene.
872272111280280 1.000Panthera pardus orientalis mitochondrial cytb gene for cytochrome b, partial cds, specimen_voucher:PPA59 (National Cancer Center USA stock).
88122241317317 1.000Panthera tigris altaica DBY gene for Y-linked DBY, partial cds, specimen_voucher: bl.2981(San Diego Zoo stock).
89228121181257 0.852Panthera tigris sumatrae clone 6HDZ3 microsatellite sequence.
90229111204204 1.000Panthera tigris sumatrae clone 6HDZ317 microsatellite sequence.
91230111182182 1.000Panthera tigris sumatrae clone 6HDZ56 microsatellite sequence.
92231111177177 1.000Panthera tigris sumatrae clone 6HDZ610 microsatellite sequence.
93232111167167 1.000Panthera tigris sumatrae clone 6HDZ64 microsatellite sequence.
94233221116137 0.923Panthera tigris sumatrae clone 6HDZ700 microsatellite sequence.
95234111224224 1.000Panthera tigris sumatrae clone 6HDZ817 microsatellite sequence.
96235111218218 1.000Panthera tigris sumatrae clone 6HDZ89 microsatellite sequence.
97236221129138 0.967Panthera tigris sumatrae clone 6HDZ989 microsatellite sequence.
98237111151151 1.000Panthera tigris sumatrae clone 6HDZ993 microsatellite sequence.
99238111180180 1.000Panthera tigris sumatrae microsatellite 6HDZ635 sequence.
100239111117117 1.000Panthera tigris sumatrae clone 6HDZ275 microsatellite sequence.
101240111192192 1.000Panthera tigris sumatrae clone 6HDZ378 microsatellite sequence.
102241111119119 1.000Panthera tigris sumatrae clone 6HDZ463 microsatellite sequence.
103242111163163 1.000Panthera tigris sumatrae clone 6HDZ481 microsatellite sequence.
104243111100100 1.000Panthera tigris sumatrae clone 6HDZ57 microsatellite sequence.
105244111219219 1.000Panthera tigris sumatrae clone 6HDZ170 microsatellite sequence.
106245111267267 1.000Panthera tigris sumatrae clone 6HDZ859 microsatellite sequence.
10762361549577 0.991Panthera tigris sumatrae apolipoprotein B editing enzyme catalytic polypeptide-like 3F mRNA, complete cds.
10863331585585 1.000Panthera leo bleyenberghi apolipoprotein B editing enzyme catalytic polypeptide-like 3H mRNA, complete cds.
109246111220220 1.000Neofelis nebulosa voucher Nne80 NADH dehydrogenase subunit 5 (NADH5) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.
1102475233386428 0.964Panthera leo persica isolate 15 mitochondrial cytochrome b (cytb) gene, partial sequence.
111866302172429 0.866Neofelis diardi haplotype DIS6 D-loop, partial sequence; mitochondrial.
11281563727763 0.980Neofelis nebulosa androgen receptor (AR) gene, partial cds.
113250331669811 0.891Panthera leo persica mitochondrial D-loop, partial sequence.
114251121390390 1.000Panthera tigris altaica follicle stimulating hormone beta subunit (FSH) mRNA, complete cds.
115252121429429 1.000Panthera tigris altaica luteinizing hormone beta subunit precursor, mRNA, complete cds.
116253121363363 1.000Panthera tigris altaica glycoprotein hormone alpha subunit precursor, mRNA, complete cds.
11740481609610 1.000Panthera tigris tigris specimen-voucher Menghu1 cytochrome b (cytb) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.
118254111345345 1.000Panthera tigris altaica specimen-voucher Dongbeihu NADH dehydrogenase subunit 5 gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.
119120151555787 0.941Panthera tigris altaica haplotype PTA04 control region, partial sequence; tRNA-Pro gene, complete sequence; and tRNA-Thr gene, partial sequence; mitochondrial.
12074202409554 0.909Panthera tigris tigris specimen-voucher Menghu1 control region, partial sequence; mitochondrial.
121255471336337 0.998Panthera tigris tigris specimen-voucher Menghu1 control region, partial sequence; mitochondrial.
122256111521521 1.000Panthera tigris altaica insulin-like growth factor I precursor, mRNA, complete cds.
123257121204204 1.000Panthera tigris altaica Sox21 protein (Sox21) gene, partial cds.
124258121204204 1.000Panthera tigris altaica Sox11 protein (Sox11) gene, partial cds.
125259111550550 1.000Panthera tigris altaica clone Pti01 microsatellite sequence.
126260121321324 0.995Panthera tigris altaica clone Pti02 microsatellite sequence.
127261111321321 1.000Panthera tigris altaica clone Pti03 microsatellite sequence.
128262121605934 0.824Panthera tigris altaica clone Pti08 microsatellite sequence.
129263111503503 1.000Panthera tigris altaica clone Pti05 microsatellite sequence.
130264111455455 1.000Panthera tigris altaica clone Pti06 microsatellite sequence.
131265111701701 1.000Panthera tigris altaica clone Pti07 microsatellite sequence.
132266111434434 1.000Panthera tigris altaica clone Pti09 microsatellite sequence.
133267111629629 1.000Panthera tigris altaica clone Pti10 microsatellite sequence.
134268111488488 1.000Panthera tigris altaica clone Pti11 microsatellite sequence.
135269111433433 1.000Panthera tigris altaica clone Pti13 microsatellite sequence.
136270111534534 1.000Panthera tigris altaica clone Pti14 microsatellite sequence.
137271111536536 1.000Panthera tigris altaica clone Pti15 microsatellite sequence.
138272121354358 0.994Panthera tigris altaica clone Pti19 microsatellite sequence.
139273111511511 1.000Panthera tigris altaica clone Pti17 microsatellite sequence.
140274111359359 1.000Panthera tigris altaica clone Pti18 microsatellite sequence.
141275111541541 1.000Panthera tigris altaica clone Pti20 microsatellite sequence.
142276111380380 1.000Panthera tigris altaica clone Pti21 microsatellite sequence.
143277371304314 0.973Panthera tigris tigris isolate Ptt04 ATP synthase F0 subunit 8 (ATP8) and ATP synthase F0 subunit 6 (ATP6) genes, partial cds; mitochondrial.
144278111810810 1.000Panthera tigris altaica cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI) gene, partial cds; and tRNA-Tyr gene, partial sequence; mitochondrial.
145139391737790 0.966Panthera tigris tigris isolate Ptt02 cytochrome c oxidase subunit III (COIII) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.
146279391561561 1.000Panthera tigris amoyensis isolate Pts01 NADH dehydrogenase subunit 4 gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.
147141381457459 0.998Panthera tigris altaica isolate Pta01 NADH dehydrogenase subunit 3 (ND3) gene, partial cds; tRNA-Arg gene, complete sequence; and NADH dehydrogenase subunit 4L (ND4L) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.
148280111949949 1.000Panthera tigris altaica clone DBH0901 ferritin (FTH1) mRNA, complete cds.
149281111524524 1.000Panthera tigris altaica clone DBH0903 ribosomal protein L23 (L23) mRNA, complete cds.
15028211111591159 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti63 sequence.
15128311112161216 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti13 sequence.
15228411110731073 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti17 sequence.
153285111538538 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti12 sequence.
15428611111341134 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti21 sequence.
155287111323323 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti18 sequence.
156288111724724 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti24 sequence.
157289111345345 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti25 sequences.
158290111594594 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti27 sequences.
159291111340340 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti89 sequences.
160292111611611 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti85 sequence.
161293111699699 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti5 sequence.
162294111521521 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti98 sequence.
163295111549549 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti34 sequence.
164296111528528 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti20 sequence.
16529711110531053 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti71 sequence.
166298111917917 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti15 sequence.
167299111558558 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti62 sequence.
168300111683683 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti42 sequence.
169301111463463 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti36 sequence.
170302111619619 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti46 sequence.
171303121636858 0.871Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti19 sequence.
17230411112791279 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti31 sequences.
173305111909909 1.000Panthera tigris altaica microsatellite Pti32 sequences.
1743062261442496 0.895Panthera tigris corbetti mitochondrial partial nd2 gene for NADH dehydrogenase subunit 2, isolate Hanoi Zoo.
1757622113141314 1.000Panthera leo bleyenberghi apolipoprotein B mRNA editing enzyme catalytic polypeptide 3 mRNA, complete cds.
17630711119311931 1.000Panthera tigris tigris butyrylcholinesterase precursor (BCHE) mRNA, complete cds.
177140111782782 1.000Panthera tigris tigris NADH dehydrogenase subunit 1 (ND1) pseudogene, partial sequence; mitochondrial.
178392851370535 0.919Panthera tigris tigris isolate WII/WFC/R-1188 NADH dehydrogenase subunit 5 (NADH5) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.
179308111292292 1.000Panthera tigris tigris clone Ptt11G microsatellite sequence.
180309111150150 1.000Panthera tigris tigris clone Ptt4A microsatellite sequence.
181310111241241 1.000Panthera tigris tigris clone PttA2 microsatellite sequence.
182311111366366 1.000Panthera tigris tigris clone PttA4 microsatellite sequence.
183312111154154 1.000Panthera tigris tigris clone PttB2 microsatellite sequence.
184313111334334 1.000Panthera tigris tigris clone PttB3 microsatellite sequence.
185314111314314 1.000Panthera tigris tigris clone PttC6 microsatellite sequence.
186315111465465 1.000Panthera tigris tigris clone PttD5 microsatellite sequence.
187316111152152 1.000Panthera tigris tigris clone PttD6 microsatellite sequence.
188317111236236 1.000Panthera tigris tigris clone PttE5 microsatellite sequence.
189318111266266 1.000Panthera tigris tigris clone PttF1 microsatellite sequence.
190319111261261 1.000Panthera tigris tigris clone PttF4 microsatellite sequence.
191320111146146 1.000Panthera tigris tigris clone PttG4 microsatellite sequence.
192321111190190 1.000Panthera tigris tigris clone Ptt10H microsatellite sequence.
193322111299299 1.000Panthera tigris tigris clone PttGA2 microsatellite sequence.
194323141145145 1.000Panthera tigris tigris haplotype TIG*10 12S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence; mitochondrial.
19510392100127 0.907Panthera tigris tigris haplotype TIG*10 cytochrome b (cytb) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.
1963243591199220 0.915Panthera tigris sondaica voucher 65.111.1 control region, partial sequence; mitochondrial.
1973251211131131 1.000Panthera tigris tigris isolate TIG19 NADH dehydrogenase subunit 2 gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.
1981001141670685 0.985Panthera tigris tigris MHC class I antigen (Pati-MHCI) gene, Pati-MHCI*0401 allele, partial cds.
199326111132132 1.000Panthera leo persica MHC class I antigen gene, partial cds.
200327111343343 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite CA20 sequence.
201328111209209 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite GA12 sequence.
202329111441441 1.000Panthera leo persica isolate Ple30 microsatellite CA13 sequence.
203330111564564 1.000Panthera leo persica isolate Ple46 microsatellite CA22 sequence.
204331111469469 1.000Panthera leo persica isolate Ple51 microsatellite CT28 sequence.
205332111570570 1.000Panthera leo persica isolate Ple55 microsatellite CA16 sequence.
206333111531531 1.000Panthera leo persica isolate Ple57 microsatellite CA20 sequence.
207334111519519 1.000Panthera leo persica isolate Ple37 microsatellite GT18 sequence.
208335111325325 1.000Panthera leo persica isolate Ple495 microsatellite GTG7 sequence.
209336111324324 1.000Panthera leo persica isolate Ple54 microsatellite CA16 sequence.
210337111506506 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite Ple18 sequence.
211338111455455 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite Ple19 sequence.
212339111385385 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite Ple21 sequence.
213340111317317 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite Ple22 sequence.
214341111145145 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite Ple34 sequence.
215342111487487 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite Ple38 sequence.
216343111386386 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite Ple40 sequence.
217344111214214 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite Ple44 sequence.
218345111679679 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite Ple52 sequence.
219346111416416 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite Ple53 sequence.
220347111275275 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite Ple56 sequence.
221348111655655 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite Ple58 sequence.
222349111378378 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite Ple62 sequence.
223350111216216 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite Ple65 sequence.
224351111318318 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite Ple86 sequence.
225352111377377 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite Ple96 sequence.
226353111332332 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite Ple251 sequence.
227354111653653 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite Ple487 sequence.
228355111398398 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite Ple523 sequence.
229356111621621 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite Ple537 sequence.
230357111370370 1.000Panthera leo persica microsatellite Ple569 sequence.
23110721341229266 0.988Panthera leo persica clone M622 MHC class I antigen gene, exon 2 and partial cds.
2321081921240246 0.997Panthera leo persica clone S612 MHC class I antigen gene, exon 3 and partial cds.
23318611114731473 1.000Panthera leo persica thiamine transport protein 1 (SLC19A2) mRNA, complete cds.
234358111304304 1.000Panthera tigris amoyensis clone 2-1c microsatellite sequence.
235359111303303 1.000Panthera tigris amoyensis clone 1-3b microsatellite sequence.
236360111278278 1.000Panthera tigris amoyensis clone 2-1a microsatellite sequence.
237361111313313 1.000Panthera tigris amoyensis clone 4-1c microsatellite sequence.
238362111263263 1.000Panthera tigris amoyensis clone 3-5f microsatellite sequence.
239363111264264 1.000Panthera tigris amoyensis clone 4-4g microsatellite sequence.
240365111193193 1.000Panthera onca mesembrina control region, partial sequence; mitochondrial.
241366663405407 0.998Neofelis nebulosa nebulosa isolate 13-15a_NNE chromosome Y DDX3Y gene, partial sequence.
242367663288290 0.994Neofelis nebulosa nebulosa isolate 13-15b_NNE chromosome Y DDX3Y gene, partial sequence.
243368663296296 1.000Panthera leo krugeri isolate 16_PLE chromosome Y DDX3Y gene, intron 16.
244369663433435 0.996Neofelis nebulosa nebulosa isolate 3_NNE chromosome Y DDX3Y gene, intron 3.
245370663287292 0.994Neofelis nebulosa nebulosa isolate 1a_NNE chromosome Y EIF1AY gene, intron 1.
246371663254254 1.000Panthera leo krugeri isolate 1b_PLE chromosome Y EIF1AY gene, intron 1.
247372663388391 0.997Neofelis nebulosa nebulosa isolate 2a_NNE chromosome Y EIF1AY gene, intron 2.
248373663377377 1.000Panthera leo krugeri isolate 2b_PLE chromosome Y EIF1AY gene, intron 2.
249374663284396 0.768Neofelis nebulosa nebulosa isolate 4_NNE chromosome Y EIF1AY gene, intron 4.
250375663339339 1.000Panthera leo krugeri isolate 8_PLE chromosome Y EIF1AY gene, intron 8.
251376663456456 1.000Panthera leo krugeri isolate 12-13_PLE chromosome Y SNCY gene, partial sequence.
252377663457457 1.000Panthera leo krugeri isolate 13-15_PLE chromosome Y SMCY gene, partial sequence.
253378663464464 1.000Panthera leo krugeri isolate 17_PLE chromosome Y SMCY gene, intron 17.
254379663464465 0.999Neofelis nebulosa nebulosa isolate 18-19_NNE chromosome Y SMCY gene, partial sequence.
255380663399400 1.000Panthera leo krugeri isolate 19-21_PLE chromosome Y SMCY gene, partial sequence.
256381663459459 1.000Panthera leo krugeri isolate 22-23_PLE chromosome Y SMCY gene, partial sequence.
257382663305305 1.000Panthera leo krugeri isolate 6_PLE chromosome Y SMCY gene, intron 6.
258383663330330 1.000Neofelis nebulosa nebulosa isolate 10_NNE chromosome Y UBE1Y gene, intron 10.
259384663189189 1.000Panthera leo krugeri isolate 13a_PLE chromosome Y USP9Y gene, intron 13.
260385663456456 1.000Panthera leo krugeri isolate 13b_PLE chromosome Y USP9Y gene, intron 13.
261386663354358 0.993Panthera leo krugeri isolate 14_PLE chromosome Y USP9Y gene, intron 14.
262387562298301 0.998Panthera leo krugeri isolate 16_PLE chromosome Y USP9Y gene, intron 16.
263388663338342 0.997Panthera leo krugeri isolate 18_PLE chromosome Y USP9Y gene, intron 18.
264389663385396 0.995Panthera leo krugeri isolate 2_PLE chromosome Y USP9Y gene, intron 2.
265390663456456 1.000Panthera leo krugeri isolate 23_PLE chromosome Y USP9Y gene, intron 23.
266391663338339 1.000Panthera leo krugeri isolate 31a_PLE chromosome Y USP9Y gene, intron 31.
267392663342346 0.997Panthera leo krugeri isolate 31b_PLE chromosome Y USP9Y gene, intron 31.
268393663456457 1.000Panthera leo krugeri isolate 34_PLE chromosome Y USP9Y gene, intron 34.
269394663378380 0.997Neofelis nebulosa nebulosa isolate 35_NNE chromosome Y USP9Y gene, intron 35.
270395663442442 1.000Panthera leo krugeri isolate 36_PLE chromosome Y USP9Y gene, intron 36.
271396663460460 1.000Panthera leo krugeri isolate 37_PLE chromosome Y USP9Y gene, intron 37.
272397663410410 1.000Panthera leo krugeri isolate 41_PLE chromosome Y USP9Y gene, intron 41.
273398663384385 1.000Panthera leo krugeri isolate 44_PLE chromosome Y USP9Y gene, intron 44.
274399663417418 1.000Panthera leo krugeri isolate 5_PLE chromosome Y USP9Y gene, intron 5.
275400663456456 1.000Panthera leo krugeri isolate 12_PLE chromosome Y UTY gene, intron 12.
276401663388394 0.994Panthera leo krugeri isolate 13_PLE chromosome Y UTY gene, intron 13.
277402663367371 0.991Neofelis nebulosa nebulosa isolate 16_NNE chromosome Y UTY gene, intron 16.
278403663351354 0.993Neofelis nebulosa nebulosa isolate 25_NNE chromosome Y UTY gene, intron 25.
27940411116891689 1.000Panthera leo bleyenberghi partial cryaa gene for putative crystallin, alpha A, exons 1-2.
28040511117421742 1.000Panthera leo bleyenberghi partial cryab gene for putative crystallin, alpha B, exons 1-2.
281406111314314 1.000Panthera leo bleyenberghi partial crybb2 gene for putative crystallin, beta B2, exon 2.
28240711128212821 1.000Panthera leo krugeri G-protein coupled receptor (Tas1r2) pseudogene, partial sequence.

  1 Maximum Alignment Density
   2 Trees are unrooted RAxML trees based on Muscle alignments. Expect performance to deteriorate with low MAD scores, large number of taxa, and high sequence divergence (largely owing to alignment problems). Only trees for (taxon) phylogenetically informative clusters with fewer than 1000 sequences are generated.

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