Cluster set at subtree whose root is Malawimonadidae (rel. 194)

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Cluster IDParent clusterTaxIDsGIsGeneraLminLmaxMAD1Defline of longest sequenceTree2
0-111493493 1.000Malawimonas jakobiformis glycosyl hydrolase mRNA, partial cds.
1-121488735 0.832Malawimonas jakobiformis Rpl7A mRNA, partial cds.
2-111245245 1.000Malawimonas jakobiformis isolate MJL00000683 Rpl7A gene, partial cds.
3-111689689 1.000Malawimonas jakobiformis Shwachman-Bodian-Diamond protein-like protein mRNA, partial cds.
4-11117241724 1.000Malawimonas jakobiformis cytosolic heat shock protein 90 (HSP90) gene, partial cds.
5-11119371937 1.000Malawimonas jakobiformis cytosolic heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) gene, partial cds.
6-22111861448 0.910Malawimonas californiana elongation factor 1 alpha mRNA, complete cds.
7-11122772277 1.000Malawimonas jakobiformis translation elongation factor 2 (EF-2) gene, partial cds.
8-111507507 1.000Malawimonas jakobiformis enoyl-CoA hydratase-like protein mRNA, partial cds.
9-111600600 1.000Malawimonas jakobiformis hydroxyacid dehydrogenase-like protein mRNA, partial cds.
10-111453453 1.000Malawimonas jakobiformis quinone oxidoreductase-like protein mRNA, partial cds.
11-111766766 1.000Malawimonas jakobiformis topoisomerase 6A (Spo11-3) gene, partial cds.
12-12118651867 0.999Malawimonas jakobiformis small subunit ribosomal RNA gene, complete sequence.
13-111883883 1.000Malawimonas jakobiformis actin gene, partial cds.
14-11136893689 1.000Malawimonas jakobiformis strain ATCC 50310 RNA polymerase II largest subunit (Rpb1) gene, partial cds.
15-11111531153 1.000Malawimonas jakobiformis alpha-tubulin gene, partial cds.
16-12111621162 1.000Malawimonas jakobiformis clone 7 beta-tubulin gene, partial cds.
17-11119491949 1.000Malawimonas jakobiformis chaperonin subunit alpha gene, partial cds.
18-11114721472 1.000Malawimonas jakobiformis chaperonin subunit delta gene, partial cds.
19-12113171318 1.000Malawimonas jakobiformis partial 16S rRNA gene, clone MFC-EB25.
20-111514514 1.000Malawimonas californiana Rpl7A gene, partial cds.
21-111690690 1.000Malawimonas californiana guanine deaminase-like protein mRNA, partial cds.
22-111531531 1.000Malawimonas californiana decarboxylase mRNA, partial cds.
23-11154865486 1.000Malawimonas californiana RNA polymerase II largest subunit (Rpb1) gene, partial cds.
24-111858858 1.000Malawimonas californiana ATP synthase F0 subunit b (atp4) gene, complete cds; mitochondrial gene for mitochondrial product.

  1 Maximum Alignment Density
   2 Trees are unrooted RAxML trees based on Muscle alignments. Expect performance to deteriorate with low MAD scores, large number of taxa, and high sequence divergence (largely owing to alignment problems). Only trees for (taxon) phylogenetically informative clusters with fewer than 1000 sequences are generated.

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