Cluster set at subtree whose root is Hyperotreti (rel. 194)

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Cluster IDParent clusterTaxIDsGIsGeneraLminLmaxMAD1Defline of longest sequenceTree2
0-111631631 1.000Eptatretus burgeri mRNA for triose phosphate isomerase, partial cds.
1-11110601060 1.000Eptatretus burgeri mRNA for calreticulin, partial cds.
2-11111291129 1.000Eptatretus burgeri mRNA for aldolase-1, partial cds.
3-11112151215 1.000Eptatretus burgeri mRNA for aldolase-2, partial cds.
4-11113251325 1.000Eptatretus burgeri mRNA for enolase, partial cds.
5-11117851785 1.000Eptatretus burgeri mRNA for RNA polymerase II largest subunit, partial cds.
6-11116111611 1.000Eptatretus burgeri mRNA for RNA polymerase III largest subunit, partial cds.
7-11111791179 1.000Eptatretus burgeri mRNA for FGFR3/4a, partial cds.
8-11112641264 1.000Eptatretus burgeri mRNA for FGFR3/4b, partial cds.
9-11115821582 1.000Eptatretus burgeri mRNA for EphB, partial cds.
10-12110571597 0.831Eptatretus burgeri mRNA for EphC1, partial cds.
11-11115631563 1.000Eptatretus burgeri mRNA for EphA, partial cds.
12-11110001000 1.000Eptatretus burgeri mRNA for src-like A, partial cds.
13-111913913 1.000Eptatretus burgeri mRNA for src-like B, partial cds.
14-111821821 1.000Eptatretus burgeri mRNA for src-like C, partial cds.
15-111945945 1.000Eptatretus burgeri mRNA for kit-like, partial cds.
16-11112361236 1.000Eptatretus burgeri mRNA for PDGFR-like, partial cds.
17-11118511851 1.000Eptatretus burgeri hgPTPR2Aa mRNA, partial cds.
18-11119441944 1.000Eptatretus burgeri hgPTPR5a mRNA, partial cds.
19-11118781878 1.000Eptatretus burgeri hgPTPR2Ab mRNA, partial cds.
20-11118711871 1.000Eptatretus burgeri hgPTPR4 mRNA, partial cds.
21-111859859 1.000Eptatretus burgeri hgPTPR3 mRNA, partial cds.
22-11111331133 1.000Eptatretus burgeri hgPTPR2B mRNA, partial cds.
23-11115791579 1.000Eptatretus burgeri hgPTPR2Ac mRNA, partial cds.
24-11110571057 1.000Eptatretus burgeri hgPTPN6a mRNA, partial cds.
25-111891891 1.000Eptatretus burgeri hgPTPR5b mRNA, partial cds.
26-111979979 1.000Eptatretus burgeri hgPTPN6b mRNA, partial cds.
27-11112651265 1.000Eptatretus burgeri hgPTPN3 mRNA, partial cds.
28-1116464 1.000Eptatretus burgeri DNA, repeat sequence, clone:pUEBH-212.
29-1115757 1.000Eptatretus burgeri DNA, repeat sequence, clone:pUEBD-79.
30-111775775 1.000Eptatretus burgeri EbKIF1A mRNA for KIF1-like protein A, partial cds.
31-111769769 1.000Eptatretus burgeri EbKIF1B mRNA for KIF1-like protein B, partial cds.
32-221753789 0.977Eptatretus burgeri PTPRC mRNA for CD45, partial cds, clone:GU252-adapter.
33-4437821427 0.738Eptatretus burgeri NP mRNA for natriuretic peptide precursor, complete cds.
34-111988988 1.000Eptatretus burgeri Gia mRNA for G-protein alpha subunit, partial cds.
35-11111121112 1.000Eptatretus burgeri Gib mRNA for G-protein alpha subunit, partial cds.
36-11111671167 1.000Eptatretus burgeri Gic mRNA for G-protein alpha subunit, partial cds.
37-11111701170 1.000Eptatretus burgeri Gt mRNA for G-protein alpha subunit, partial cds.
38-11122582258 1.000Eptatretus burgeri Gata 2/3 mRNA for transcription factor Gata-binding protein 2/3, complete cds.
39-11142144214 1.000Eptatretus burgeri Ptk mRNA for TEC family protein tyrosine kinase, complete cds.
40-11127992799 1.000Eptatretus burgeri Swap70 mRNA for similar to switch-associated protein 70, complete cds.
41-11120812081 1.000Eptatretus burgeri Traf3 mRNA for similar to tumor necrosis factor receptor associated factor 3, complete cds.
42-11132293229 1.000Eptatretus burgeri GARS-AIRS-GART mRNA for glycinamide ribonucleotide synthetase-aminoimidazole ribonucleotide synthetase-glycinamide ribonucleotide transformylase, partial cds.
43-11118851885 1.000Eptatretus burgeri NICIR mRNA for novel ITAM-containing IgSF receptor, complete cds.
44-11147584758 1.000Eptatretus burgeri hfpi mRNA for proteinase inhibitor, complete cds.
45-15110671138 0.973Eptatretus burgeri mRNA for ancestral antigen receptor A1, complete cds.
46-16120152685 0.921Eptatretus burgeri mRNA for ancestral antigen receptor B6, complete cds.
47-11120162016 1.000Eptatretus burgeri non-LTR retrotransposon R2Eb gene for reverse transcriptase, partial cds.
48-11122902290 1.000Eptatretus burgeri masp 1 mRNA for mannose-binding lectin-associated serine protease 1, complete cds.
49-11126252625 1.000Eptatretus burgeri IgSF1 mRNA for immunoglobulin superfamily 1, complete cds.
50-11138983898 1.000Eptatretus burgeri NICIR2 mRNA for novel ITAM-containing IgSF receptor 2, complete cds.
51-111595595 1.000Eptatretus burgeri NICIR2 mRNA for novel ITAM-containing IgSF receptor 2 splicing variant, partial cds.
52-12115112294 0.829Eptatretus burgeri NICIR3 mRNA for novel ITAM-containing IgSF receptor 3, complete cds, allele:NICIR3*01.
53-121366491 0.873Eptatretus burgeri NICIR1 gene for novel ITAM-containing IgSF receptor 1, V-type domain region, partial cds, allele:NICIR1*01.
54-111378378 1.000Eptatretus burgeri NICIR2 mRNA for novel ITAM-containing IgSF receptor 2, partial cds, allele:NICIR2*02.
55-121363363 1.000Eptatretus burgeri NICIR3 mRNA for novel ITAM-containing IgSF receptor 3, partial cds, allele:NICIR3*04.
56-111445445 1.000Eptatretus burgeri NICIR1 gene for novel ITAM-containing IgSF receptor 1, C2-type domain region, partial cds, allele:NICIR1*01.
57-11113281328 1.000Eptatretus burgeri IgSF2 mRNA for immunoglobulin superfamily 2, complete cds.
58-11138763876 1.000Eptatretus burgeri IgSF3 mRNA for immunoglobulin superfamily 3, complete cds.
59-11112711271 1.000Eptatretus burgeri AQP4 mRNA for aquaporin-4, complete cds.
60-11126542654 1.000Eptatretus burgeri Sox9 mRNA for Sry-box protein 9, complete cds.
61-11119971997 1.000Eptatretus burgeri Pax3/7 mRNA for paired-box protein 3/7, partial cds.
62-12110321324 0.890Eptatretus burgeri partial mRNA for Pax6 transcription factor (pax6 gene).
63-111777777 1.000Eptatretus burgeri Eb_SnailA mRNA for hypothetical protein, complete cds.
64-111571571 1.000Eptatretus burgeri Eb_SoxEa mRNA for hypothetical protein, partial cds.
65-11112801280 1.000Eptatretus burgeri EbRAR1 mRNA for retinoic acid receptor 1, partial cds.
66-111922922 1.000Eptatretus burgeri EbRAR2 mRNA for retinoic acid receptor 2, partial cds.
67-11114651465 1.000Eptatretus burgeri EbRAR3 mRNA for retinoic acid receptor 3, partial cds.
68-44210261439 0.855Eptatretus okinoseanus LDH mRNA for lactate dehydrogenase, complete cds.
69-22218082214 0.908Myxine glutinosa type II collagen alpha 1A mRNA, partial cds.
70-11138883888 1.000Eptatretus burgeri EbCol2A1B mRNA for collagen type 2 alpha 1 B, partial cds.
71-238014981182 0.757Eptatretus burgeri clone Eb7VLRA.26 variable lymphocyte receptor A (VLRA) mRNA, complete cds.
72-218114571374 0.606Eptatretus stoutii clone Es3mVLRB.435 variable lymphocyte receptor B (VLRB) mRNA, complete cds.
73-11121332133 1.000Eptatretus burgeri PAX mRNA for paired box protein, complete cds.
74-11112501250 1.000Eptatretus burgeri MYOD mRNA for myoblast determination protein, complete cds.
75-11112871287 1.000Eptatretus burgeri TWIST mRNA for twist-related protein, complete cds.
76-111703703 1.000Eptatretus burgeri PitxA mRNA for paired-like homeodomain transcription factor, partial cds.
77-111838838 1.000Eptatretus burgeri Six3/6A mRNA for sine oculis homeobox homolog 3/6, partial cds.
78-111465465 1.000Eptatretus burgeri ShhA mRNA for sonic hedgehog, partial cds.
79-111891891 1.000Eptatretus burgeri Fgf8/17 mRNA for fibroblast growth factor 8/17, partial cds.
80-111956956 1.000Eptatretus burgeri Tbx1/10 mRNA for T-box transcription factor 1/10, partial cds.
81-111921921 1.000Eptatretus burgeri SoxB1 mRNA for sex determining region Y-boxB1, partial cds.
82-111663663 1.000Eptatretus burgeri Lhx3/4A mRNA for LIM homeobox 3/4, partial cds.
83-111643643 1.000Eptatretus burgeri NK2 mRNA for homeobox 1, partial cds.
84-11111361136 1.000Eptatretus burgeri mRNA for C1q, complete cds.
85-2316791049 0.873Eptatretus stouti vasotocin gene.
86-2228383 1.000Paramyxine atami DNA for repeat sequence.
87-11113131313 1.000Eptatretus burgeri adrenomedullin (AM) mRNA, complete cds.
88-11138773877 1.000Eptatretus burgeri phospholipase D0.6 mRNA, complete cds.
89-11138133813 1.000Eptatretus burgeri phospholipase D0.8 mRNA, complete cds.
90-110111181802 0.898Eptatretus burgeri PPTN-related transposon 2, complete sequence.
91-7263630652 0.998Eptatretus deani voucher MFC317 cytochrome oxidase subunit 1 (COI) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.
92-14253539547 0.991Eptatretus burgeri isolate EB 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence; mitochondrial.
93-11149024902 1.000Eptatretus burgeri partial mRNA for hagfish complement.
94-111353353 1.000Eptatretus burgeri partial gene for hagfish complement, exon 1.
95-12119271979 0.987Eptatretus burgeri clone Eb7VLRA.57 variable lymphocyte receptor A (VLRA) mRNA, complete cds.
96-12118422021 0.956Eptatretus burgeri clone Eb7VLRB.48 variable lymphocyte receptor B (VLRB) mRNA, complete cds.
97-15127243759 0.906Eptatretus stoutii PTPRC mRNA for CD45, partial cds, clone:#14.
98-111954954 1.000Eptatretus stoutii PSMB7 mRNA for proteasome subunit PSMB7, complete cds.
99-111369369 1.000Eptatretus stoutii glucocorticoid receptor mRNA, partial cds.
100-111602602 1.000Eptatretus stoutii ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2I (UBE2I) mRNA, complete cds.
101-672518570 0.940Rubicundus oligoporos 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence; mitochondrial gene for mitochondrial product.
102-11115181518 1.000Eptatretus stoutii carbonic anhydrase XV-like protein mRNA, complete cds.
103-11110021002 1.000Eptatretus stoutii carbonic anhydrase IV mRNA, complete cds.
104-12114711523 0.983Eptatretus stoutii pitx homeobox A2 mRNA, complete cds.
105-111585585 1.000Eptatretus stoutii TCFL5-like protein mRNA, partial cds.
106-11113201320 1.000Eptatretus stoutii glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase mRNA, complete cds.
107-222255438 0.791Myxine glutinosa internal transcribed spacer 2 and 28S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence.
108-111134134 1.000Eptatretus stoutii ribosomal RNA large subunit, domains D7 and C8.
109-11123262326 1.000Eptatretus stoutii thrombin mRNA, complete cds.
110-111339339 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Wnt-10 protein gene, partial cds.
111-111369369 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Wnt-3 protein gene, partial cds.
112-111450450 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Wnt-4 protein gene, partial cds.
113-111348348 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Wnt-5(I) protein gene, partial cds.
114-111348348 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Wnt-5(II) protein gene, partial cds.
115-111348348 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Wnt-5(III) protein gene, partial cds.
116-111369369 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Wnt-7(I) protein gene, partial cds.
117-111378378 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Wnt-7(II) protein gene, partial cds.
118-111390390 1.000Eptatratus stoutii Wnt-9 protein gene, partial cds.
119-11114111411 1.000Eptatretus stouti vasotocin mRNA.
120-11114991499 1.000Eptatretus stouti vasotocin gene.
121-111717717 1.000Eptatretus stouti complement-like protein gene, partial cds.
122-111533533 1.000Eptatretus stoutii complement-like protein gene, partial cds.
123-111231231 1.000Eptatretus stoutii complement-like protein gene, partial cds.
124-22218491959 0.972Eptatretus stouti 18s ribosomal RNA (18S rRNA), 5' end.
125-11122622262 1.000Eptatretus stouti intermediate filament protein alpha mRNA, complete cds.
126-11120162016 1.000Eptatretus stouti intermediate filament mRNA, complete cds.
127-111432432 1.000E.stoutii partial mRNA for superoxide dismutase (Mn type).
128-11157515751 1.000Eptatretus stouti 5.8S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence; internal transcribed spacer 2, complete sequence; and 28S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence.
129-11116771677 1.000Eptatretus stouti leukocyte membrane protein 1 (LMP1) mRNA, complete cds.
130-11125162516 1.000Eptatretus stouti broadly selective sodium/nucleoside transporter hfCNT mRNA, complete cds.
131-111811811 1.000Eptatretus stouti dystrophin-like protein mRNA, partial cds.
132-11127712771 1.000Eptatretus stouti glucose transporter (GLUT) mRNA, complete cds.
133-11113581358 1.000Eptatretus stoutii TATA-binding protein (TBP) gene, exons 3-left and 3-right and partial cds.
134-11120782078 1.000Eptatretus stoutii TATA-binding protein (TBP) mRNA, complete cds.
135-11126012601 1.000Eptatretus stoutii heat shock protein gp96 mRNA, complete cds.
136-22213471350 0.999Eptatretus stoutii muscle creatine kinase mRNA, complete cds.
137-1118181 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Hox1_Z gene, partial cds.
138-1118181 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Hox1_Y gene, partial cds.
139-1118181 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Hox1_X gene, partial cds.
140-1118181 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Hox2_Z gene, partial cds.
141-1118181 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Hox3_Z gene, partial cds.
142-1118181 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Hox3_Y gene, partial cds.
143-1318181 1.000Eptatretus stoutii HoxM_Z3 gene, partial cds.
144-1418181 1.000Eptatretus stoutii HoxM_U2 gene, partial cds.
145-1118181 1.000Eptatretus stoutii HoxM_V gene, partial cds.
146-1218181 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Hox8_X gene, partial cds.
147-1118181 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Hox8_Z gene, partial cds.
148-1118181 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Hox8_W gene, partial cds.
149-17181112 0.921Eptatretus stoutii Hox10_W2 gene, partial cds.
150-111112112 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Hox9_X gene, partial cds.
151-111112112 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Hox9_W gene, partial cds.
152-111112112 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Hox9_Y gene, partial cds.
153-111111111 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Hox9_Z4 gene, partial cds.
154-111112112 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Hox10_Z gene, partial cds.
155-111112112 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Hox11_Y gene, partial cds.
156-111112112 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Hox11_X gene, partial cds.
157-111112112 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Hox11_Z gene, partial cds.
158-111112112 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Hox13_Z gene, partial cds.
159-111112112 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Hox13_Y gene, partial cds.
160-111119119 1.000Eptatretus stoutii Gbx gene, partial cds.
161-1319696 1.000Eptatretus okinoseanus gene, germline-restricted highly repeated sequence, clone:pUEOB-15.
162-2228585 1.000Paramyxine atami gene for repeat sequence.
163-1117979 1.000Eptatretus okinoseanus DNA, highly repetitive sequence.
164-111939939 1.000Myxine glutinosa mRNA for LMPX of hagfish, complete cds.
165-111357357 1.000Myxine glutinosa melanocortin C receptor (MCc) gene, partial cds.
166-11125422542 1.000Myxine glutinosa corticoid receptor mRNA, complete cds.
167-11120012001 1.000Myxine glutinosa steroid receptor 2 mRNA, complete cds.
168-11118401840 1.000Myxine glutinosa dystrophin mRNA, partial cds.
169-11112651265 1.000Myxine glutinosa RunxA (RunxA) mRNA, complete cds.
170-11120702070 1.000Myxine glutinosa RunxB (RunxB) mRNA, complete cds.
171-11112181218 1.000Myxine glutinosa estrogen receptor mRNA, partial cds.
172-11124042404 1.000Myxine glutinosa cyclooxygenase-2 mRNA, complete cds.
173-11114611461 1.000Myxine glutinosa Rh type C glycoprotein (rhcg) mRNA, partial cds.
174-11114431443 1.000Myxine glutinosa Rh type B glycoprotein (rhbg) mRNA, complete cds.
175-111582582 1.000M.glutinosa insulin-like growth factor mRNA, 3' end.
176-11110141014 1.000Myxine glutinosa acetylcholinesterase (AChE) gene, partial cds.
177-1118383 1.000Myxine glutinosa COUP-TF gene, partial cds.
178-111116116 1.000Myxine glutinosa ERR2 gene, partial cds.
179-1119595 1.000Myxine glutinosa PPAR gene, partial cds.
180-1117878 1.000Myxine glutinosa PR gene, partial cds.
181-111915915 1.000Hagfish (M. glutinosa) mRNA encoding insulin.
182-111181181 1.000M.glutinosa engrailed-related gene A (En-A) homeobox (partial).
183-111181181 1.000M.glutinosa engrailed-related gene B (En-B) homeobox (partial).
184-11127942794 1.000M.glutinosa mitochondrial 16S rRNA (partial), tRNA-Leu, NADH1, tRNA-Ile, tRNA-Gln, tRNA-Met, NADH2, tRNA-Trp, tRNA-Ala, tRNA-Asn, tRNA-Cys, tRNA-Tyr, COI (partial) genes.
185-111130130 1.000Myxine glutinosa neurotrophin (NT1) gene, partial cds.
186-11122742274 1.000Myxine glutinosa blood 5-aminolevulinate synthase (ALS) mRNA, complete cds.
187-111359359 1.000Myxine glutinosa ribosomal protein L37a mRNA, partial cds.
188-11110481048 1.000Myxine glutinosa ribosomal protein L5 mRNA, complete cds.
189-111510510 1.000Myxine glutinosa 40S ribosomal protein S19 mRNA, complete cds.
190-131643776 0.936Myxine glutinosa clone HPCL402 hemoglobin (Hb) mRNA, complete cds.
191-111682682 1.000Myxine glutinosa clone HPCL309 hemoglobin (Hb) mRNA, complete cds.
192-111564564 1.000Myxine glutinosa gastrotropin (FABP) mRNA, complete cds.
193-111523523 1.000Myxine glutinosa calmodulin (CaM) mRNA, complete cds.
194-11125222522 1.000Myxine glutinosa RING3 (RING3) mRNA, partial cds.
195-12110751116 0.982Myxine glutinosa clone hicl20 cysteine proteinase precursor, mRNA, complete cds.
196-111588588 1.000Myxine glutinosa homeodomain protein OtxA gene, partial cds.
197-111606606 1.000Myxine glutinosa homeodomain protein OtxC gene, partial cds.
198-111579579 1.000Myxine glutinosa homeodomain protein OtxD gene, partial cds.
199-111547547 1.000Myxine glutinosa glutamate decarboxylase GAD mRNA, partial cds.
200-121848863 0.991Myxine glutinosa hematopoietic antimicrobial peptide-29 precursor (CATH29) mRNA, partial cds.
201-11113921392 1.000Myxine glutinosa alpha-tubulin 1 (TUBA1) gene, partial cds.
202-12113611404 0.985Myxine glutinosa alpha-tubulin 1 (TUBA1) gene, partial cds.
203-111690690 1.000Myxine glutinosa alpha-tubulin 2 (TUBA2) gene, partial cds.
204-111655655 1.000Myxine glutinosa gene encoding dopamine D1a receptor, partial.
205-111672672 1.000Myxine glutinosa gene encoding beta adrenoreceptor, partial.
206-11112741274 1.000Myxine glutinosa gene encoding dopamine D1x receptor.
207-111687687 1.000Myxine glutinosa mitochondrial ATPase 6 gene.
208-111216216 1.000Myxine glutinosa mitochondrial ATPase 8 gene.
209-11115541554 1.000Myxine glutinosa mitochondrial COI gene.
210-111690690 1.000Myxine glutinosa mitochondrial COII gene.
211-111784784 1.000Myxine glutinosa mitochondrial COIII gene.
212-11111581158 1.000Myxine glutinosa mitochondrial cytb gene.
213-111954954 1.000Myxine glutinosa mitochondrial NADH1 gene.
214-11110471047 1.000Myxine glutinosa mitochondrial NADH2 gene.
215-111348348 1.000Myxine glutinosa mitochondrial NADH3 gene.
216-11113771377 1.000Myxine glutinosa mitochondrial NADH4 gene.
217-11118061806 1.000Myxine glutinosa mitochondrial NADH5 gene.
218-111306306 1.000Myxine glutinosa mitochondrial NADH4L gene.
219-111507507 1.000Myxine glutinosa mitochondrial NADH6 gene.
220-111329329 1.000Myxine glutinosa 7SK snlRNA gene.
221-111114114 1.000Myxine glutinosa somatostatin gene 3' UTR, partial sequence.
222-111559559 1.000Myxine glutinosa ribosomal protein L15 mRNA, partial cds.
223-111472472 1.000Myxine glutinosa ribosomal protein L17 mRNA, partial cds.
224-111479479 1.000Myxine glutinosa ribosomal protein L18 mRNA, partial cds.
225-111604604 1.000Myxine glutinosa ribosomal protein S2 mRNA, partial cds.
226-111634634 1.000Myxine glutinosa ribosomal protein S3 mRNA, partial cds.
227-111715715 1.000Myxine glutinosa ribosomal protein S4 mRNA, partial cds.
228-111533533 1.000Myxine glutinosa ribosomal protein S5 mRNA, partial cds.
229-111691691 1.000Myxine glutinosa ribosomal protein S6-like mRNA, partial sequence.
230-111479479 1.000Myxine glutinosa ribosomal protein S7 mRNA, partial cds.
231-111916916 1.000Myxine glutinosa creatine kinase mRNA, partial cds.
232-111528528 1.000Myxine glutinosa ferritin heavy chain polypeptide 1-like mRNA, partial sequence.
233-111901901 1.000Myxine glutinosa guanine nucleotide-binding protein mRNA, partial cds.
234-111349349 1.000Myxine glutinosa nucleoside diphosphate kinase mRNA, partial cds.
235-111621621 1.000Myxine glutinosa ribosomal protein L7-like mRNA, partial sequence.
236-111724724 1.000Myxine glutinosa ribosomal protein L7A mRNA, partial cds.
237-111480480 1.000Myxine glutinosa ribosomal protein L9 mRNA, partial cds.
238-111581581 1.000Myxine glutinosa ribosomal protein L10 mRNA, partial cds.
239-111454454 1.000Myxine glutinosa ribosomal protein L11 mRNA, partial cds.
240-111430430 1.000Myxine glutinosa ribosomal protein L13 mRNA, partial cds.
241-111861861 1.000Myxine glutinosa nuclear receptor subfamily 2 group F-like (NR2F2) mRNA, partial sequence.
242-11112101210 1.000Myxine glutinosa protein kinase C mRNA, partial cds.
243-111316316 1.000Myxine glutinosa ribosomal protein L8 mRNA, partial cds.
244-11110921092 1.000Myxine glutinosa H+-transporting ATP synthase alpha subunit isoform 1 mRNA, partial cds; nuclear gene for mitochondrial product.
245-11111081108 1.000Myxine glutinosa eukaryotic translation elongation factor 1 gamma mRNA, partial cds.
246-111588588 1.000Myxine glutinosa ribosomal protein L19 mRNA, partial cds.
247-111361361 1.000Myxine glutinosa thyroid hormone receptor mRNA, partial cds.
248-11149604960 1.000Myxine glutinosa Ikaros-like transcription factor mRNA, complete cds.
249-111579579 1.000Myxine glutinosa Ikaros-like transcription factor mRNA, partial cds.
250-111492492 1.000Myxine glutinosa macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) mRNA, complete cds.
251-1116262 1.000Myxine glutinosa chemokine receptor 7/9 (CCR7/9) mRNA, partial cds.
252-111144144 1.000Myxine glutinosa chemokine receptor 4 (CXCR4) mRNA, partial cds.
253-111532532 1.000Myxine glutinosa 5.8S ribosomal RNA gene and internal transcribed spacer 2, partial sequence.
254-111530530 1.000Myxine glutinosa 28S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence.
255-11120162016 1.000Myxine glutinosa 28S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence.
256-11114021402 1.000Myxine glutinosa 28S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence.
257-111246246 1.000Paramyxine atami gene for 18S rRNA, intergenic spacer, partial sequence.
258-111545545 1.000Paramyxine atami GpH-alpha mRNA for glycoprotein hormone alpha subunit, complete cds.
259-111649649 1.000Paramyxine atami GpH-beta mRNA for glycoprotein hormone beta subunit, complete cds.
260-111438438 1.000Paramyxine atami mRNA for beta actin, partial cds.
261-121964964 1.000Paramyxine atami PQRFa mRNA for LPQRFamide peptide, complete cds.
262-1118585 1.000Eptatretus cirrhatus DNA, repeat sequences.
263-111172172 1.000Eptatretus cirrhatus DNA, repeat sequences.
264-1116161 1.000Eptatretus cirrhatus DNA, repeat sequences.
265-1115454 1.000Eptatretus cirrhatus DNA, repeat sequences.
266-111630630 1.000Eptatretus cirrhatus guanylyl cyclase/natriuretic peptide receptor gene, partial cds.
267-111460460 1.000Paramyxine yangi putative AMPA receptor subunit 2 (GluR2) gene, partial cds.
268-111314314 1.000Paramyxine yangi putative AMPA receptor subunit 1 (GluR1) mRNA, partial cds.
269-111337337 1.000Paramyxine yangi Ty3-gypsy group retrotransposon partial RT gene.
270-11121232123 1.000Paramyxine yangi mRNA for phosphoglucose isomerase (pgi gene).
271-111159159 1.000Paramyxine sheni DNA, repeat region EEPs1, clone: pUPSS-12.
272-111180180 1.000Paramyxine sheni DNA, repeat region EEPs2, clone: pUPSS-72.
273-1116363 1.000Paramyxine sheni DNA, repeat region EEPs3, clone: pUPSS-13.
274-1116363 1.000Paramyxine sheni DNA, repeat region EEPs4, clone: pUPSS-31.
275-11110451045 1.000Paramyxine sheni DNA, repeat region EEEo2, clone: PsXL-305.
276-121162162 1.000Eptatretus chinensis sox14 protein (sox14) gene, partial cds.
277-111162162 1.000Eptatretus chinensis sox4 protein (sox4) gene, partial cds.
278-121279281 0.996Eptatretus chinensis sox6 protein (sox6-2) gene, partial cds.
279-111977977 1.000Eptatretus chinensis sox9 protein (sox9) gene, partial cds.
280-111652652 1.000Myxine capensis voucher ADC09_1.4#4.a cytochrome oxidase subunit 1 (COI) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial.

  1 Maximum Alignment Density
   2 Trees are unrooted RAxML trees based on Muscle alignments. Expect performance to deteriorate with low MAD scores, large number of taxa, and high sequence divergence (largely owing to alignment problems). Only trees for (taxon) phylogenetically informative clusters with fewer than 1000 sequences are generated.

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